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Closing a deal is stress free especially if the prospect understands the product you are selling which is the full responsibility of our Sales closers.

Our sales team are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards and atmosphere of confidence through openness and clarity in the discharge of their responsibilities.


Lead management is crucial to any successful sales organization. All inbound leads are reviewed by our sales management and need special care & attention to convert them to bonafide customers. Winning is all about turning prospects into customers and on-boarding them well. We are highly regulated with customers in more than 150 countries.


We are looking to hire a driven sales closer, appointments setters who can take inbound calls with potential prospect. We are extensively growing our organization with a team that operates from a foundation built on community, positivity & teamwork.


We provide training to our newly appointed sales closers and appointment setters who are ready to be trained.
NOTE: No training charges is required.


• Connecting with leads who don't book an appointment.
• Converting sales appointments into closed deals.
• Preparing proposals and solutions for potential customers
• Answering customer questions about our features and benefits.
• Following up with potential customers.
• Flexible hours (within reason).
• Pre-booked inbound sales appointments.
• Competitive on-track earnings with bonuses Requirements.
• Sound consultative selling skills.
• Strong negotiation skills.
• Strong follow up skills.
• Strong pipeline management skills.
• Effective communication skills.
• Exceptional customer service skills


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Digital marketing
Cloud mining
Multi assets management
Health and wellness

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Become A Sales Closer

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